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Canadian Actor Says Kindness Is Crucial In His Rise To The Top

Some people use their social media platforms to promote themselves.

Canadian actor, influencer and online entrepreneur Dark Joseph Ravine uses his for a different


To inspire, to encourage – and to make change.

From speaking out against bullying to his work promoting kindness, friendship, and authenticity,

Ravine truly has made a name for himself by taking a stand. The common thread running

through it all? From his business to the not-for-profit work, he does to the generosity he shows

others – the message is clear: 

How you treat others matters. Be kind.

It’s even written on the beautiful, unique line of products he offers on his webpage. Passionate

about starting his own trends – he always ensures that kindness is at the forefront. Whatever it is

we do, Dark Joseph Ravine reminds us – we can do it a whole lot better if we’re kind. If you’re

looking for workout wear, you’ll find an outfit that reminds you to be kind while working out –

and parents can start their little ones off on the right foot with the cutest little baby onesies that

say, ‘I will be kind boy” or “I will be a kind girl” with the motivational words, “kindness for

success!” underneath.

Though he’s a huge success today, it hasn’t always been easy for Ravine. He speaks often of the bullying he endured as a child. He encourages others to find friendships – something that many find difficult to do in later life.

He doesn’t just talk about kindness. As he told TechDaily in a recent interview, “I make

numerous donations yearly to people in need because I never know if one day, I may need them. Nothing makes me happier than helping someone who needs me.”

‘It’s my mission in life to promote kindness and positivity worldwide,” Ravine has said.

And he’s certainly been doing that.

Over the last several months, Ravine’s star has continued to shine – his work is getting noticed — and he is making an impact. He’s been on radio, on high profile podcasts, and even appeared on TV. (His interview on Australia’s biggest 24-hour streaming news network, Ticker TV; and the

time he was interviewed by Logan Crawford, respected Emmy winning newscaster are some

highlights you don’t want to miss!)

Dark Joseph first came to public attention when he made the Guinness Book of World Records – he had an idea and found a way to make it happen even when most others would have given up, ultimately succeeded – and became a Guinness World Record holder as a result.

Canada’s GTA Sportsplex tweeted out on that day:  “This Canadian record breaker is amazing! His social media handle is Dark Joseph Ravine he’s all over YouTube and Instagram for his record-breaking feats. Today he spread out over 350,000 Dave and Busters coupons over almost 65,000s qf of Field Turf! Guess what Guinness World Book of Records will be making a big announcement soon!”

 The recognition led to “fame, fans, and bigger opportunities in life,” he said.

One of the directions his burgeoning fame led? The silver screen.

Recently, the celebrity influencer has turned his attention to acting. In early 2022 he got his first

official IMDb acting credit with a role in renowned California filmmaker Steve Oakley’s new


So what’s next for this young Canadian with the movie star good looks?

He says he’d like to do more acting, and he’s open to hearing about roles that might be a good

fit. “The roles have to be the right ones, though,” he says with confidence. “It has to feel right.

I’m all about authenticity – that’s a big part of my message. So it’s important to me that anything I am a part of is in alignment with my personal values.”

You won’t see Ravine lining up for parts – he prefers to respond to filmmakers that approach

him. And it’s happening.

Industry watchers say that he has what it takes to go far.

 “He’s passionate about what he does, he’s willing to go the extra mile, he truly cares about other people and respects the work that they do. He puts the work in – and that makes all the difference. He’s also very creative,” said one. “He finds ways to make things happen.”

It’s true.

Ravine has never let anything stop him… and once he becomes committed to a project – he’s

known for carrying it through.

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