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El Princii Ignites the Carolinas Party Scene with Spicy Carribean Beats

El Princii

What is a party without music and dancing? The music makes or breaks the vibe of a whole event, and one of the go-to choices that would most certainly get the crowd dancing is Reggaeton. Reggaeton has brought chart-toppers over the years. The genre’s signature beat, instrumentation and emotive singing have been blasted in clubs worldwide. And especially in the Carolinas, no one does Reggaeton better than El Princii.

Hailing from Venezuela, Jose Garcia, also known as El Princii, is more than proud to bring his people’s culture and music into the United States party scene. He started to promote in the Carolinas, and his injection of the Latin flavor into his shows earned him his nickname El Princii which means “the beginning.” It did not take him long to rise as the top promoter in the area and establish his name in the music industry. Hard worker that he is, El Princii does all kinds of events. Whether it is a local show featuring local talents or big arena events, he delivers every single time. Aside from the scheduled events, he is also a resident promoter in notable venues in the region, like Limelight and Bond Nightclub.

El Princii has started promoting shows from the East Coast to the West Coast in major cities like Atlanta, Orlando, Richmond, Reno and San Francisco. Although he specializes in the festive Reggaeton music scene, El Princii also dabbles in Salsa, Dembow, Merengue and Vallenato shows. His expertise in the field, as well as his tour around the country, has grown his online community to 14,000 followers on Instagram, with hundreds of engagements per post. In 2023, he is about to spread his wings further as he hosts his first international show in Mexico City with Latin Artist J Alvarez.

Like everyone else, the path to El Princii’s success took work. As an immigrant and a person of color who came to the US when he was only 12, El Princii always had to work ten times harder to make a name for himself. Even more so in the music industry, where the competition is cutthroat. Nevertheless, El Princii paid his dues and worked his way up for ten years, simply learning and absorbing industry know-how from the OGs. Even though El Princii is the youngest in the game, it did not stop him from coming out on top. His youth became his strength as he made sure to be updated with the current trends constantly, and that gave his work extra style points. Furthermore, his dedication, work ethic and raw talent earned him respect and acclaim as one the most liked and respected figures in the promoter business.

With all the success and recognition El Princii has received for his tremendous work, he always emphasizes the importance of determination. He arrived in the US with a dream to achieve, and this goal has given him the motivation to persist despite the challenges thrown his way. Now, he aims to show how powerful a dream can be when combined with hard work and passion.

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