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Friendship Novel “Tryin'” Coming to Theaters

Friendship Novel Tryin' Coming to Theaters
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By: Jay Feldman

Fans of the New York Times popular novel, “Tryin’ To Sleep In The Bed You Made” by Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant, have a reason to celebrate: the beloved story of friendship, resilience, and hope is coming to the big screen! Taylor Ri’chard, the acclaimed Director and Producer behind The House of Reux, has secured the film rights to the novel and will be producing and directing the upcoming adaptation. Ri’chard, who is known for his visionary storytelling and cinematic flair, assures to deliver a faithful and captivating rendition of the novel, which follows the lives of two women, Gayle Saunders and Patricia Reid, and their enduring bond through personal tragedies, career challenges, and romantic entanglements. The film, titled simply “Tryin’,” will explore the rich tapestry of life’s trials and triumphs, as well as the universal themes of forgiveness, happiness, and growth. 

Ri’chard, who is a fan of the novel himself, expressed his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to bring this narrative from page to screen. He said, “I’m honored and humbled to have the trust of Virginia and Donna to adapt their masterpiece into a film. I’ve always admired their writing and their ability to create complex and relatable characters that resonate with readers across generations and backgrounds. I’m committed to preserving the essence and integrity of their work, while also adding my own creative touch to make it a memorable and impactful cinematic experience.” He added, “The House of Reux is uniquely positioned to bring this novel to life, blending unparalleled creativity with a deep commitment to powerful resonant storytelling that captures the essence of the original work.” 

In anticipation of this film adaptation, fans of DeBerry and Grant’s novel can expect a faithful rendition that stays true to its roots. Ri’chard’s approach is not about reinvention but reverence—paying homage through careful attention to detail in translating these characters’ lives onto the screen. From casting decisions reflective of Gayle’s strength and Patricia’s resilience down to set designs mirroring their evolving worlds—the commitment is clear: honoring the source material while bringing fresh vibrancy through visual storytelling. 

 Moreover, Ri’chard’s venture goes beyond mere adaptation; it seeks engagement on multiple levels. By delving deep into themes like forgiveness after betrayal or finding happiness amidst despair—universal experiences rendered unique through DeBerry’s and Grant’s narrative—“Tryin’” aims not just for viewer engagement but emotional investment. It’s an invitation for audiences worldwide to not only witness but feel alongside Gayle and Patricia—their losses, their victories, their growth. 

The forthcoming project also represents something larger than its components—a symbiosis between literature and cinema where each enhances and enriches the other. As much as “Tryin’” will be a testament, Ri’chard’s directorial craftsmanship also serves to bridge connecting readers and cinephiles alike, fostering a community around shared narratives of resilience and hope. 

Ri’chard also revealed some details about the production process, including the casting, set design, and release date. He said, “We’re currently in the process of finding the cast, and I can assure you that we’ll have some amazing actors and actresses who will embody the roles of Gayle and Patricia, as well as the other characters in the novel. We’re also working on creating authentic and immersive sets that will reflect the different eras and settings of the novel, from the 1980s to the 90s. A cherry on top would be us shooting this movie on 16mm film.  That would be amazing.  We’re aiming for production to start in late 2024 or early 2025, depending on how casting goes. We’ll keep you updated on our progress and share some sneak peeks along the way.” 

Excited fans of both the book and the film can follow the journey of “Tryin'” through official social media channels, including Instagram (@taylorcrichard) and website (www.houseofreux.com). These platforms will offer behind-the-scenes glimpses into the making of “Tryin’,” as well as exclusive interviews, trailers, and contests. Ri’chard invites fans to join him and his team in this exciting venture, saying, “This is a story that needs to be told and seen, especially in these days where so much seems to divide us. It’s a story that celebrates the power of friendship, the courage of overcoming adversity, and the joy of finding happiness. I hope you’ll join us in this journey and support us in bringing this story to life.” 

Director Taylor Ri’chard’s decision to bring this narrative from page to screen comes at a time when stories of genuine human connection are needed more than ever. In securing the film rights to this cherished novel, Ri’chard undertakes a responsibility not just to translate words into visuals but to encapsulate emotions, struggles, triumphs, and the very essence that made “Tryin’ To Sleep In The Bed You Made” a literary success. 

 In essence, “Tryin’” stands as a beacon of anticipation in a world that is increasingly craving stories, meaningful connections, and complex human experiences that are rendered through a tangible cinema lens under the guidance of someone deeply committed to preserving the integrity of original narratives while pushing boundaries of artistic expression. With Taylor Ri’chard steering this ship’s vibrant blend of talent, passion, and guiding principles, there is no doubt that the journey of “Tryin’” will be one marked by authenticity and resonance, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of viewers worldwide. 


Published by: Khy Talara

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