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How to Attract a High Value Woman that Matches Your High Value Life

Quite often, a lot of men desire to be in a relationship with a high-value woman but do not know exactly how to achieve that. The dating arena can be quite daunting sometimes, but men’s lifestyle and transformation coach Erin Alejandrino is simplifying the process by outlining what he thinks should be the standard in order to attract a high-value woman. 

In the tenth episode of his podcast called “The High Value Man Conversation,” Erin shares the airwaves with his partner Rachel Scheer, a Certified Functional Medicine Nutritionist. She finished a degree in Nutrition Science and Dietetics from Baylor University. Together, they explore standards and exchange ideas about finding a high-value partner in life. 

Rachel started out by expressing that most women, herself included, look for someone with integrity and follow through with his promises. She added that in her list of standards, she wrote down non-negotiable essentials when looking for a high-value partner. In contrast, a lot of Erin’s male clients revealed that they prefer a woman who is fit, someone who takes time to take care of herself. While the two articulate coaches shared their ideas, it became apparent that women have a totally different perspective from men in terms of the qualities they look for from a partner. Fortunately, they have found common ground, where they can see each other eye-to-eye without compromising their respective stands in life. 

Throughout the course of their banter, Erin and Rachel highlight attributes that both men and women ought to consider when looking for their high-value partners. They narrowed down their tips into four helpful insights that will help men attract high-value women. The first is to be what you want to attract. “You attract what you are by who you are essentially being,” Rachel explained. 

The three other tips they shared include creating healthy boundaries, swimming in the right pond, and continuing to grow together. Both of them believe in the importance of having a clear picture of what people want to have in life. “Clarity is power. Be clear on what you want, but more importantly, who you need to become in order to attract what it is that you want,” Rachel added. 

Apart from being a thriving lifestyle and transformation coach, Erin is an instructor and co-founder of The Modern Knight Project, a men’s 75-hour personal development experience. He is also the co-founder and instructor of The Squire Program. He describes himself as a man of faith, a student of fitness, and someone on a mission to create better men. 

Erin’s podcast is one of the ways he intends to connect with men so he can empower them to become the best version of themselves. He is on a mission to create more confident, charismatic, creative, and collaborative men, the same individuals who will someday build and lead their respective families. Erin is the author of the book, “STOP PAM: A 5 Step Proven Plan to KILL Pam and Become a High Value Man.”

Erin and Rachel make a golden couple. Clearly, they are both high value and their coming together creates a bigger opportunity for them to help others achieve their goals in life.


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