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Non-linear Single-Shot Film Iravin Nizhal Sets the Pace for a Unique Cinematic Artistry in the Indian Film Industry

Iravin Nizhal

The filmmaking industry is a world on its own, filled with multi-talented creators defying the odds and bringing imaginative stories to life in an excellent instinctual way. One such filmmaker is Radhakrishnan Parthiban, a creator par excellence who conceived and wrote the groundbreaking film Iravin Nizhal

Making history as the world’s first non-linear single-shot film, Iravin Nizhal is set to revolutionize the film industry and set the bar high for upcoming projects in the Indian film scene and worldwide. With an enormous set of 59 settings, over 300 actors, 150 technicians, and numerous costume and makeup changes spanning 50 years of periods, the film project is a beautifully choreographed masterpiece blended into a single shot after a painstaking 90 days of rehearsals.

This Oscar-worthy project was written by R. Parthiban, a three-time winner of the prestigious Indian National Film Awards who also played the protagonist in the story. Renowned for championing culturally-rooted themes in his films, Parthiban has acted in over 72 films, directed 15, and produced 12. His undeniable expertise on the silver screen has earned him numerous accolades, and the avid storyteller is acknowledged as a leading visionary among new-wave filmmakers in India. 

The suspense-filled plot of Iravin Nizhal follows the life of the protagonist, Nandhu, a financier, as he journeys through the struggles of his internal guilt while searching for his mortal rival. Non-linear storytelling allows the audience to fully immerse themselves in the plotline and connect the dots while relishing every twist and turn. In addition to its adult crew, the one-shot film also had children and animals in the supporting cast, expertly trained to follow the performance of the choreographed scene. On top of that, the film was shot under different weather conditions, with technological, social and historical aspects perfectly integrated into the narrative to connect with the viewers. 

Aside from R. Parthiban’s undeniable talents, versatility and artistry taking the Indian film scene to the next level, the film’s music and background score were crafted by Academy Award Winner AR Rahman, internationally renowned for his work in the 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire. In 2010, the Indian government awarded AR Rahman the ‘Padma Bhushan,’ the nation’s third-highest civilian award. 

Other big names lending their expertise to the revolutionary project include Academy Award winner Craig Mann, a sound expert best renowned for his work in the film Whiplash. He is the Supervising Sound Designer for the film. Another top name is the project’s VFX supervisor Cottalango Leon, an Indian-American computer graphics technician who won a joint Academy Award for scientific and technical achievement in 2016. 

An innovative cinematic feat featuring the best global talent in the entertainment industry, Iravin Nizhal is redefining the Indian Film Landscape. As a result, the distinct project was one of the Bollywood films submitted to the 2022 Academy Awards as an official entry into the Oscars. Iravin Nizhal is currently streaming on Prime Video.

Aside from his revolutionary work highlighting the artistry of Indian cinema, R. Parthiban has been a gem of the Tamil film industry for nearly four decades. He is recognized for constantly pushing the boundaries to innovate cinematic storytelling. He now brings his vision to life through Iravin Nizhal, a passion project ten years in the making. 


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