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Kali Metis Takes Readers on a Wild Fantasy Ride With her Latest Supernatural Thriller Novel, CURE

Lisa Diane Kastner, better known by her pen name Kali Metis, is the author of the novel CURE and the founder and Executive Editor of Running Wild Press. This literary publication has been honored with two best of 2019 and two best of 2020 books according to Kirkus Reviews, as well as several starred reviews and additional acclaim. 

A literary genius, Lisa has received several accolades. She has been featured by many reputable publications such as New York Weekly, LA Wire and Yahoo Finance as one of the top ten entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2021. Additionally, she has been featured in FORBES and was nominated to FORBES NEXT 1000, a list of American self-funded entrepreneurs who continue to strive during the challenging times of COVID. Her latest novel, CURE, is a testament to her unparalleled literary skills and genius as a fantasy writer. 

CURE follows the story of its protagonist, Luna Auber, who is stunned by the news of her brother’s apparent suicide. While grieving, she soon discovered that the deceased had left her the keys to his apartment and a ticket for a trip to Sweden. Per his instructions, Luna is to explore the unexpected heritage of Birke, an iconic female Viking warrior. 

The lead led her down a path to hidden ancestral family secrets. She soon discovered that the terrible shakes her brother was diagnosed with before his death was actually the initial stage of his transformation. Her brother was a shapeshifter- a lycanthrope. But, more than that, she was a shapeshifter, too, and her shaking and transformation had just begun leaving her with only two options, to either transform or destroy the world as she knows it. 

A supernatural thriller novel is written with a healthy dose of high-stakes supernatural adventure, a beguiling mix of medieval and modern with a touch of romance; CURE eclipses expectations. The literary artwork has received glowing reviews from readers, critics and renowned authors. One review by Taylor Grant, Bram Stoker Award® finalist and author of The Many Deaths of Cole Parker, reads, “Kali Metis is an exciting and unique new voice in modern fantasy and a writer you need to pay attention to.” 

Another review by Suzanne Samples, author of Frontal Matter and Stargazing in Solitude, reads, “CURE by Kali Metis is a howling romp that seamlessly blends various voices, genres, and periods without losing its effortless style. An amalgam of myth, historical fiction, romance, folklore, and horror, Metis cooks delicious conflict into every page as her main character, Luna Auber, bakes cupcakes by day but shifts into something slightly more sinister by night. Fans will surely hope this is the initial book of a series because CURE is worth reading by moonlight and sinking one’s teeth into.” 

When asked about the motivation behind the supernatural fiction, Lisa Diane (Kali Metis) said, “while working on a short story for a magazine, I was dared by New York Times bestselling and multi-award-winning author, Jonathan Maberry, to create a new female hero in a story I’d love to read. So I took him up on that bet.”

With CURE, Kali Metis takes readers on a wild, fun, and fantastic ride as they find a new heroine in Luna Auber who will enrich their lives. When Lisa is not cooking up fantasy fiction, she spends time with her husband and their two felines, The Master and Margarita, in their LA home. 

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