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Kathy Ireland Sponsors The Waltons’ Homecoming for Thanksgiving Holidays

The holiday season is a great time for families to come together and have fun. Kathy Ireland, the founder and CEO of kathy ireland® Worldwide, understands this and is doing her part to give American families something to enjoy and keep them entertained. She has chosen to sponsor the airing of The Waltons’ Homecoming, a heartwarming film for families to set them in the mood for the holidays.

The film, executive produced by Sam Haskell, the Emmy Award winner and President and Chair of Magnolia Hill Productions at Warner Bros, is a grand gesture from the kathy ireland® Worldwide brand to remind Americans of some of the most important family values. Family, faith, love and inclusivity are some of the top values that the film highlights, and there is no better time for Americans to be reminded of those than a time like this. “There is no one better than Sam Haskell–whose accomplishments in television are legendary and iconic–to bring this message of hope to our homes this Thanksgiving,” Kathy Ireland shared.

Kathy Ireland is passionate about championing projects that positively impact Americans and send feel-good waves across families, which informed the decision to sponsor the film. Supporting a cause like this also lends credence to Kathy’s support for humanitarian projects, such as her support for children battling cancer.

Music for the film was created by seven-time Grammy Award winners Billy Davis Jr. and Marilyn McCoo. The duo had already partnered with Kathy Ireland on their recent album release Blackbird: Lennon-McCartney Icons, which got them back to the Billboard Charts after 35 years.

Choosing to be the sole sponsor of The Waltons’ Homecoming gives Kathy a sense of purpose and giving back to society. It also comes in the wake of kathy ireland® Worldwide enjoying a successful year. The company was named and recognized as the 15th most successful licensing brand in American history. Kathy Ireland also received awards from various bodies and organizations, such as the Icon Award from the International Home Furnishings Association and the Business International Religious Freedom Champion Award from the IRF. She also got inducted into the Licensing International’s Hall of Fame as the highest-ranked woman-owned licensing company in the United States of America.

The Waltons’ Homecoming features stars like Logan Shroyer, Ben Lawson, and Bellamy Young. The film is narrated by the original John Boy, Richard Thomas, and aired on The CW on November 28, with an encore showing on December 11. “For all who want to experience this film, please know that something wonderful is about to happen,” Kathy said.Learn more about the film airing and further updates from the website.

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