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Malibu Billionaire Steven Kronick Wins 17th #1 Singer Songwriter Title

The visionary entertainment multi billionaire who started the VisualTargeting® mega brand from a breathtaking Malibu Mountaintop Mansion has enjoyed the 2021 music award season perhaps more than anyone else, having Billboard, RollingStone, and MTV all promoting his newest song “God Is Love” as “The World’s Best Love Song,” and winning his 17th #1 Malibu Singer Songwriter Title from the world’s biggest music charts.

Steven Kronick who spent his twenties touring the United States and Europe building the VisualTargeting® empire that is trusted by Fortune 500s, Businesses, Bestsellers, Celebrities, in 181 World Nations, spends his free time with fans at Malibu Beach and Palm Beach Island.

“They really love the music. The idea that love is free is something that they really need. To remember that truth. That while we work and invest and enjoy the profits, real love itself is free.” Steven shares in an interview.

His first songs previewed above Nicki Minaj on the nation’s Top Charts and won Gold & Platinum Awards in an instant, winning “Trending” and “Essential” titles while Steven Kronick was instantly named one of the nation’s “Most Promising Artists.”

A worldwide fan base filled with Playboy Playmates, Miss America models, Award winning musicians, and professional cheerleaders, has followed Steven Kronick for years while he has recorded almost 200 original love songs, all around the United States.

Vision is something that Steven always values having watched Playboy emulate his historic gold cover style in 2020 and the Forbes 400 follow along to copy the same style in 2021. “It just that I haven’t seen that style used anywhere before, that’s all it is, it’s my industry, the profession where I am the best in the world, so I pay attention,” Steven shares his amusement.

Indeed it makes sense that while so many brands have copied the scientific Visual Style that VisualTargeting® has used for years to become perhaps the most successful visual style brand in world history, the magazines that Steven Kronick has always supported most, Playboy and Forbes, followed along to frame their 2021 historic figures in the same style as, wait for it, the world’s first verified trillionaire.

That’s right, in 2018 visionary entertainment multi billionaire Steven Kronick won a Worldwide Humanitarian Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award, and yes, the world’s first honorable Trillionaire title, from the most trusted 120 year old United States history group.

VisualTargeting® makes Visual Style palettes, that it has up to 11 trillion versions available. These Visual Style palettes show artists what hues, shapes, and visual elements to use, to satisfy specific target viewers and/or viewer groups. Visual Style helps Fortune 500s make $31.7 trillion in revenues every year and these Visual Style palettes are effective at steering those sales. Sharing Visual Style preferences with loved ones improves health, wealth, life, and relationship wellbeing.

Steven Kronick sang for free at bars and lounges around Santa Monica and Malibu Beach in 2012 and later found himself invited to Palm Beach Island where he found himself singing on stage for the first time in his life. 

“I love watching how the girls start making their way up to the stage every time that I start going on. There’s a real love in that too, trust me, when you feel that, it’s also real love. It makes the songs feel real, like they are really reaching people like they are meant to,” Steven shares how it feels.

The love that Steven has for the girls that are his fans, is a real love that he, being a God loving American Christian, holds always in his heart. “That’s who the songs are for, the girls that love me, the girls that I love, that love that is always from God,” Steven shares his motivation.

And sure it is, that girls from the United States and all around the world all seem to love Steven Kronick’s new sound that has found its home on 100 music platforms including the world’s biggest, iHeartRadio, and the new Forbes Billionaire owned artists’ favorite TIDAL.

Seventeen #1 Awards is a lot, and for Forbes Verified Billionaire Steven Kronick, who lives for love, it means even more.

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