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Must-Watch Artist Will Buck on His Personal Journey Towards Redemption and Healing

To fulfill a dream, one must be ready to embrace the obstacles and challenges that may be encountered along the way. As a matter of fact, some of the world’s most successful individuals are known for the courage they displayed in conquering their endeavors. In the case of Will Buck, an emerging artist in the music industry, his humble beginnings have proven that one must first have to endure difficulties and discomfort before reaching the summits of success. 

Widely acknowledged for his musical flair, Will Buck has established himself as a rising alternative singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, the artist is now based in Los Angeles, California, where he is taking significant strides toward the forefront of the industry. On a mission to share his distinctive artistry with the world, he creatively combines distorted guitar riffs, strong story-telling lyrics, and some heavy electronic elements. His unique sound has been described as renegade pop with an electro-grunge type of delivery. 

Will Buck may already be at the helm of a flourishing career, but he will never forget the struggles he had to overcome during the early phases of his journey. After moving to Colorado and forming a high-energy rock and roll band known as West Water Outlaws, the artist found himself on the road for over a hundred days. During his early twenties, he had to juggle between sleeping on hotel room floors, working odd jobs, and playing three-hour bar sets for modest fees and some food. At that time, he cut his teeth as a performer in small dive bars around the country. 

In an effort to build the reputation of West Water Outlaws, Will Buck spent five years playing parties in their band’s basement, selling out venues, and appearing in major festivals. However, the band eventually broke up the night before they were poised to play the biggest show of their career, sign a management deal, and land multiple network television placements. 

The disbandment was a pivotal moment in Will Buck’s career. Although it was initially heartbreaking, he took it as an opportunity to grow as a solo artist and learn more about his music style. Thereafter, he sold the majority of his possessions, packed up his truck, and headed west for what would be a year-long journey of rediscovery. 

In the middle of surviving from seasonal work and entertaining tourists, Will Buck continued to release music under the alias Gypsee. Somewhere along the way, he found himself in a small beach town in eastern Australia and decided to return to the US, move to LA, and look for a second chance. 

Heavily determined to redeem his music career, Will Buck managed to overcome having few resources and little to no connections in the industry. The artist spent his days packing T-shirts in an apparel warehouse while writing and recording demos at night. More than anything, he wants to prove that nothing is impossible for those who work hard and believe in their dreams. 

While he was in the process of writing, producing, and practicing relentlessly, Will Buck announced himself as a solo artist in 2019 and began to rise through the DIY music scene in Los Angeles. Fast forward several years, multiple EPs, countless shows, setbacks, and triumphs, the rising star has been named “someone to watch” by the Hollywood Digest, “a diamond in the rough” by Voyage LA. He even finished as a semi-finalist in The Opening Act’s Hollywood Bowl competition. 

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, Will Buck recently teamed up with Grammy-nominated and Billboard number 1-charting super-producer Stonebridge to create an electrifying EDM remix of “Wolves in the Back House.” Their vocals find their place among a groove-driven production, sitting in the mix, and allowing the melody to draw the listener in.This year, Will Buck hopes to reclaim his power by releasing songs that speak volumes about his journey towards personal redemption. The said tracks will also reveal deep messages ranging from the unbreakable human spirit to other heavy topics such as addiction, healing, grief, and cultivating a sense of inner peace. Much can be expected from the artist as he continues to show his authenticity and genuineness.

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