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Nick Laureano Standing in as a Role Model for the Youth

Making changes in the world is primarily personal, as many changemakers have set out to put in place those things they wish they had. For Nick Laureano, he felt the absence of a role model as a kid, and as an adult, he does not want any other child to go through that. So, he has built a brand out of motivational speaking and has committed himself to being the role model many young people do not naturally have.

Nick Laureano grew up fighting many battles and navigating challenges all by himself. His experiences taught him more about being in tune with himself, and he pushed himself, wiped his tears and endured a lot of pain to become who he is today.

“I don’t wish any of that on anyone, so my goal has always been to motivate and uplift any and all who may be stuck finding out who they really are and be that beacon of light to help them get over the obstacles needed for a better life,” he explained.

The Nick Laureano brand represents so many things, most important of which are the core values attached to his person—self-worth, love, discipline, respect, and compassion. He believes that everyone could use a little bit of these things while offering the same to other people to make the world better. His passion is to speak life into every human being on planet earth and be a significant contributor to fulfilling their full potential. The 26-year-old from Brockton, MA, hopes to guide his audience in the right direction and help them see their self-worth and uniqueness.

“Battling things alone builds you strong, but some give up as they feel no one is in their corner to back them up. I want to be that person that saves a life and pours from my cup into their own,” Nick said.

Nick urges everyone he speaks to never to forget why they embarked on a journey in the first place. He admonishes them to run their race and not build someone else’s kingdom. He never fails to mention that difficulties are a part of life and the important thing is never to fold, no matter the pressure. Nick Laureno puts in the work with his brand and makes sure he’s the hardest worker. His life’s work is geared towards leaving his mark on humanity and helping someone get closer to their dreams.

His merchandise brand Only The Motivated takes his motivational activities to a new level as people globally get to wear his clothing items with inspiring inscriptions on them. “I want to be the person kids wear on their t-shirts when they are at school, saying they look up to me. I want to be the one who gives back to the youth or the less fortunate, seeking nothing in return but to see them win and be happy,” he said.

Over the next few years, he hopes to see many people he has influenced become better in their lives, careers and chosen fields. He also hopes to continue shining his light and knowledge on others while developing himself to be a recognized personality, actor, speaker and influencer.

“I hope to be known for many things, but I want the world to see that I did it my own way and the right way,” he said.

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