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Upcoming Artist Sevii Makes a Debut with His Single “Found U”

Artist Sevii Makes a Debut with His Single “Found U”
Photo Courtesy: Sevii

Do you remember what it felt like when you first fell in love? When all you could think about was the next time you would touch or see the other person? Did the street you walked down every other day suddenly feel vibrant and full of life? Did your go-to drink feel like it now had a punch to it? Released in Feb 2024, “Found U” is a two-and-a-half-minute dark pop song that paints a vivid picture of what it feels like to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Sung by Sevii, a young up and coming artist from New Zealand, “Found U” is already a favorite among fans, racking up close to 200K streams. It feels like the type of song that you would play on a calm weekend while lazing around the house with your partner. Or the highlight of a wedding reception that a couple dances to as they shout, “I found the love of my life, just can’t wait to call you my wife.” Although its sound is something you may have heard before, Sevii and his team have added bits and pieces that give the song a fresher feel.

The lyrics are simple but very relatable. Sevii begins by telling us how unexpectedly this love found him, “It ain’t like me, I don’t normally do this, it ain’t like me…Falling fast forgot to ask, but I might be catching feelings on the weekend.” Anyone, young or old, can connect with this feeling of falling in love unexpectedly. Because of this, this song will surely strike a chord with a wide range of listeners.

Playing to the song’s theme, there is also something sweet and innocent about how Sevii phrases his words. When he says, “Your love is like the water flowing, you’re my favorite color in the morning …I like your hair, your clothes, your eyes, your nose, your lips”, you can’t help but feel giddy inside. Sevii reminds us of an uncomplicated love where even minor details matter.

Also, because of its simplicity, “Found U” is one of those songs that effortlessly stick with you. A few listens will have you mindlessly repeating, “I found you, I found you, I found love.”

Behind “Found U” is Another Angle Consulting (AAC) Music and Entertainment and Dan Smith Tunes. Dan Smith Tunes is owned by Dan Smith, a producer and songwriter who oversaw the song’s production, mixing, and mastering. According to his portfolio, the work he has featured in has garnered over five million streams. His other work includes “Smoke & Mirrors” by Alanis Sophia and “Westside” by Nate Mosley.

AAC Music and Entertainment was founded by David McKee, who is an entrepreneur, songwriter, consultant, and mental health-focused entertainment coach. His team has taken a unique approach to handling his artists, creating a buzz in the industry. According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Wire, David’s approach involves putting psychology and mental health at the center of his operations. His company promotes a culture of self-care in the music industry by offering different resources and encouraging artists to maintain a sense of authenticity in their work. David has been lauded for his work for artists dealing with mental health, depression, and/or writer’s block. David consults for several labels working with artists across the world to follow his mission of letting creators create, on their terms, and with a focus on helping them be their best self.

“Found U” begins with a signature melody that repeats throughout the song and forms the blueprint for adding everything else. The melody is a short series of repeating notes that has a dum du dum quality that urges you to sing along. Even if you resist, you will be drawn back in by the finger snaps that have been cleverly added in the background.

Instrumentally, initially, it doesn’t seem as if too much is going on in the song. Much of it is Sevii’s smooth vocals over a simple melody. The placement of the drum rolls and the guitar riff create that anxious/excited feeling where you are waiting for the beat to drop. Furthermore, the vocal layering adds harmony and more texture to the song that highlights the deep and layered instrumentals at the end of the song.

Sevii’s voice has a smoothness that makes him enjoyable to listen to. The hints of raspiness work to his advantage, giving the song a raw, honest feel. He doesn’t give us a peek of what his full vocal range sounds like, but given the easy-going nature of the song, we can’t fault him. Perhaps with more releases, fans will get to appreciate his vocal talents.

The official video for “Found U” is a lyric video that encapsulates the whole essence of the song. The video is a sort of animation against a black background. It has a static effect that makes it feel aged and scrapbook-like. While watching it, you can’t help but feel a sense of heartfelt emotion, almost like someone is showing you pictures of their relationship that they sat down to piece together.

It starts with how they met in what looks like a park, moves on to what we assume is a date in a bar, then a scene where one person messed up and is drinking their sorrows away and finally, where they make up in what looks like a balcony, or a wedding if you want to stretch your imagination. In between are romantic moments of them holding hands, hugging, or almost kissing, illustrated so beautifully that you would nearly forget that they are just lines on a blank canvas.

If this song is anything to go by, Sevii sounds like a true future breakthrough artist who is bound to carve a niche for himself quickly. His unpretentious lyricism and the fact that he has a team that seems to match his style is something new artists spend a lot of time trying to figure out. Fans can catch up with Sevii’s work and life on his socials. They can also be on the lookout for new music from his page or from AAC Music and Entertainment’s official Instagram page, @sevystars @anotherangleconsulting @davidmckee84 @dansmithtunes

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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