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“Suzette’s Daddy Issues: A Memoir of Violence and Hope” Laments the Real-Life Story of Suzette Shanle in Painstakinga Detail

The truth is often stranger than fiction. The stories we hear about in films and television could often pale in comparison to the gruesome violence that some of us have experienced in this lifetime. Suzette Shanle is one such individual, crafting a memoir of violence and hope, recounting the tragic tale of violence that she experienced at the hands of her own father. The book entitled “Suzette’s Daddy Issues” is one that is hard to put down, a brave retelling of a woman’s trauma, the challenges that came her way, and how she overcame every bit of it as she grew older.

The story begins with a young Suzette Shanle. She was raised by a sweet and gentle mother along with her husband, who was a convicted felon and lifelong criminal. The book lays out the foundation of Suzette’s early life, which turned out to be a recipe for disaster. “Suzette’s Daddy Issues: A Memoir of Violence and Hope” brings a lot of Suzette’s own questions to the table, prompting readers to turn the page to find out more about her life’s deepest mysteries.

Not only was the man she called “Father” a violent man, but he was also known to be running from the mob. The mystery lies in the real identity of Suzette’s biological father, a man who has been seemingly out of the picture for far too long. If only her real father would claim her as his own, then Suzette wouldn’t feel the need to constantly defend herself against the violent man who lives in the same house. She would feel safe, happy, and loved instead of having to live under the same roof as this dangerous man.

The book displays all these questions as a possible escape for Suzette, but these are things she has no time to worry about since she has to stay alive and stay strong with a violent man in her home. “For now, our heroine must live with these unanswered questions. She has more immediate concerns on her mind, like how to keep her own heart pure and loving in the midst of the violence. Before all is said and done, Suzette will learn to fight back, find her voice, blaze her own trail, and discover the true meaning of love and family,” explained the book’s summary.

“Suzette’s Daddy Issues: A Memoir of Violence and Hope” marks Suzette Shanle’s triumph over her traumatic childhood. Since the retelling of her compelling story, Suzette has found true happiness in her personal and professional life. She is currently the wife of a third-generation farmer and the mother of two daughters, a son, and their furry companions. Suzette loves her family above all else. She loves spending time with them and looks forward to family vacations and other adventures.

Suzette Shanle was also part of the beauty industry for over three decades. She is a retired hair stylist and beauty pageant winner who has now become a successful entrepreneur. Her creativity has also grown through the years. Since releasing her book, she has become a renowned artist who releases her hauntingly beautiful artworks through Le Galeriste. Her clothing line is a beautiful expression of her soul, with many satisfied customers lauding Suzette’s designs.

Suzette Shanle has taken her past experience and turned it over its head. She has overcome some of the deep-seated trauma that the violence has caused her and has emerged as an empowered woman in the process. “We must learn to let go of past hurts and embrace tomorrow. For the sun will be out tomorrow, and it’s sure to be a better day,” shared Suzette. She also believes that we must learn to forgive ourselves. Only then can we forgive others. She has not quite shaken her daddy issues and one day hopes to meet her biological father. Even if that day never comes, she fills her heart with the love she shares with her green-eyed husband, her beautiful daughters, and her veteran son.

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