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The History of Silvercup Studios: From the Deep Fried Bleachers to the World’s Most Successful Film Studio

Silvercup Studios

Silvercup Studios: Feeding the beast that is New York City’s film and television production industry is a constant challenge. This multibillion-dollar business thrives on available studios, stages, props, locations, and actors. No matter how many independent films and commercials are produce yearly, there’s always a demand for more. The city’s film studios are always searching for new ways to keep their businesses thriving. The highly competitive nature of this industry is where Silvercup Studios comes in. It was found by brothers Mark, Josh, and Michael Samisch in 1983 in Queens as The Unique Studios. Today they continue to operate from their central location at the same site near the Queens Midtown Tunnel. But under a different name – Silvercup – which has become synonymous with high-quality filmed productions. Thanks to its unique brand recognition onscreen.

 Who are Silvercup Studios for?

Silvercup Studios offers various services and equipment for independent and commercial film and television productions. Depending on your needs, they can provide you with Sound Stages, Studios, Production Offices, Catering, Equipment, Screening Rooms, and Electrical Distribution. But more importantly, they can offer you the experience and knowledge from nearly 40 years of working in the Big Apple’s busy film and television industry. Silvercup knows the needs of busy production crews shooting on complicated sets for TV shows and high-budget films.

It offers everything from quick drive-through service to repurposed street signs to full meals for cast and crew. Silvercup also knows the headaches and frustrations of filming in the busy streets of New York City. It has the resources to help you navigate the city’s complex permitting process, secure shooting locations, and even provide extra security if needed. Silvercup’s crew is highly skill, experienced, and knowledgeable – which is crucial when working in a city like New York. Silvercup’s Production Crew is there to help you make your production a success.

What does Silvercup have to offer?

There are many different types of film studios in New York City. Still, Silvercup’s combination of location, equipment, and reputation makes it one of the top choices among businesses. That need to be in New York. Silvercup is locate between 35th Road and Northern Boulevard in Long Island City in the heart of New York. The studio has eight stages and 80,000 sq. ft. of production space. Also offering everything from indoor street scenes to outdoor jungle scenes. Silvercup is equip with an electrical grid that can handle the demands of any production.

Its proximity to the Queens Midtown Tunnel makes it easy for film crews to travel back and forth from the studio to locations in the city. The studio has also been a leader in environmentally responsible practices and certified by the U.S. Green Building Council and the New York City Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

 More than just a Film Studio

No matter how many successful films are shot at Silvercup Studios or how many new ventures it enters into, the company is always proud of its roots as New York’s go-to film studio. Silvercup was the first studio certified by the U.S. Green Building Council as LEED. It is also a certified B Corp, independently audited to meet rigorous social and environmental sustainability standards, accountability, and transparency. Silvercup was one of the first production companies to offer electric car charging stations on-site, and it has been a major supporter of electric car racing since 2003.

Silvercup was one of the founders of the New York Film Crew. This nonprofit organization aims to help New Yorkers gain skills and experience in the film industry, particularly in low-paid jobs like production assistants. In addition to its focus on sustainability, Silvercup has branched out into new ventures, such as virtual reality content production, eSports, and podcasting.

 Silvercup Defined Its Reputation

While Silvercup’s reputation as a film studio is well known, it’s also important to remember that it was initially intend to be use as a concert venue, with the idea being to host rock concerts in a converted airplane hangar. The plan was to create a business that could host various functions – concerts, Broadway shows, conventions, and even religious gatherings. Unfortunately, Silvercup’s owners miscalculated the high cost of converting the hangar into a concert venue. They were subsequently forced to look for other opportunities to bring in revenue and started by renting out the hangar for film and television productions. Soon, customers came to Silvercup Studios for more than just movie shoots. They also came for rehearsals, Broadway shows, and other special events.

Summing up

Silvercup has come a long way since its roots as a convert airplane hangar that was suppose to be a concert venue. Today, it’s the world’s most successful film studio, hosting countless film and television productions and winning numerous industry accolades. And although its owners are quick to acknowledge the role luck played in the company’s success, they also know that being prepared to take advantage of opportunities – even if they aren’t ideal – is an essential part of any successful business venture.

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