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Twinkle Zaman Takes Female Readers on Self-Discovery Journey With Love Notes – Single Hearts Affairs

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Empowered women empower women, and Twinkle Zaman is one such force that does her share of uplifting females by sharing life-changing bits and pieces from her journey, the skin and bones that led to the creation of her book, Love Notes – Single Hearts Affairs. With a fresh look on its cover, the book still carries the promise of a good read, revolving around a story of a woman playing a tug of war between her own heart and her discovery as she learns to love herself the way she pours love to others. Centered around women empowerment, Twinkle is truly making an impact, a quality of a true force to reckon with. 

Love Notes – Single Hearts Affairs is a woman’s tale of who she has become through a journey of metamorphosis and learning to own her struggles in the process. Twinkle takes her readers along as the protagonist discovers her strengths and weaknesses and the essence of being a woman in today’s modern world. The character goes through a rollercoaster ride navigating her emotions while longing for the type of love and connection not so often found in modern times. The book explores the challenges of women in their journey of believing something bigger than themselves in search of the woman they want to become and finding peace with who they were and are. 

“I think we are drifting, drifting so far from our traditional core values. The book is a little bit of a new age meets an old soul vibe. I think it’s amazing that we are evolving, and women are going after what they want. You no longer have to be a housewife if you don’t want to be, but I do believe somewhere, somehow, we all long for the same thing,” the author shared.

Asked what drove her to pen the story of Love Notes – Single Hearts Affairs, Twinkle shared that she wanted to fill what the world needs more of–love. She wanted to make people feel loved and know that they are enough and worthy of the love they always dreamed of. She wanted to rekindle people with traditional values without imposing the status quo of the past. The author takes her readers back in time, making them realize how much people are missing from moving so fast. It’s an escape from reality and, at the same time, a reminder of what could be. 

“It’s taken me years to feel confident in myself. It’s definitely about doing the daily work and reminding yourself of your worth. I hope the book inspires women to find that in themselves,” said the author. “We put so much value into what the world thinks of us. I guess it’s hard not to. Women are constantly playing the comparison game against each other. I think we take it harder when it comes from someone we admire. I don’t think saying this or writing about it will change the world because someone could relate and not feel so isolated,” Twinkle added.

With Love Notes – Single Hearts Affairs as her most recently released literary masterpiece, Twinkle has definitely inspired many of her readers with her relatable story. Love Notes – Single Hearts Affairs is now available on Amazon, Barns & Noble, and anywhere books are sold.

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