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Up-And-Coming Music Artist Tra-V the Shoota on Making Music That Inspires and Uplifts

The music industry can be very unforgiving, especially for newcomers who have yet to establish themselves. As such, aspiring musicians not only need to have skills and creativity but, more importantly, they should possess an exceptional work ethic in order to thrive in the cutthroat environment. Yet, one remarkable individual stands out among the countless hopefuls who wish to make a name in the music scene: Travius Holloway. More popularly known by his artist name Tra-V The Shoota, the gifted young man is making waves for his unrivaled creativity and musicality.

He is the brilliant talent behind several hit titles such as “Things Take Time,” “Different Things,” “Hate Me Now,” and “Mission Failed.” In 2020, he released a four-track EP called Loyal AfterLife. This impressive discography features catchy tunes that empower and uplift fans and audiences, something that is a conscious decision for the singer. As the artist insightfully explained, “I like to make my listeners feel like they can get through whatever they are going through at the time when they listen to my songs.”

Recently, the talented artist dropped his latest single, “Heart for Granted,” a relatable anthem about the pain of unreciprocated love. “The story behind “Heart For Granted” is giving your love to someone special, and they take you for granted and to stay positive no matter what. Don’t cry anymore; it’s going to be okay,” the singer-songwriter said.

What allows Tra-V to produce such well-thought-out and nuanced creations is his extensive experience in the music scene. He started honing his craft at the young age of 11, together with his little sister. In fact, some of his fondest memories involve the two of them making music next to a speaker, playing instrumentals they downloaded off of LimeWire, and recording themselves singing and rapping to them using voice memos.

His early exposure to the music industry helped him understand the business thoroughly. On top of that, he has elevated his creativity to greater heights over the years, enabling him to curate an extraordinarily versatile but still consistent style.

Aside from working on his music, Tra-V has also collaborated and partnered with some of music’s biggest names. Speaking about the experience, he shared, “Having the privilege to work with mainstream artists on different levels taught me that I, too, had a gift to share with the world. In addition, I received support from my industry peers to do my own thing. So I built my team, and here we are, ready for our turn.”

Tra-V The Shoota is indeed one of today’s most promising young artists. Moving forward, the passionate performer intends to continue his upward trajectory and plans to achieve this by staying committed to improving his craft and skills. 

In addition, the gifted musician hopes to connect with a wider audience and reach thousands of new listeners who will resonate with his music. As the young dreamer optimistically declared, “I want to learn to play the drums, also to perform and do more shows with my live band. My goal is to get to rock out with a big production. I want to grow a huge fan base. I want to travel around the world to touch and meet the people who listen to my music.”

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