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Victor Migalchan and Edward Cologna Set the Bar High in the Realms of Film and Entertainment Through Their Masterclasses

Securing a coveted spot at the summits of any industry has always been seen as complex. Dominatic realms of film and entertainment, for instance, perfectly depicts what it means to be challenging, most especially when there are a lot of factors that contribute to one’s success. While many people assume that the pinnacles of this industry can be climbed when one is already exceptionally talented, this is not always the case. Many established authorities have admitted that passion and a brilliant strategy play key roles in achieving triumph in a highly competitive industry. Because not everyone is well-versed in such a complicated trade, Victor Migalchan and his partner, Edward Cologna, lend a helping hand.

Without a doubt, the film and entertainment industry is highly cutthroat. As a matter of fact, it has been shown in the past decades that only a few of the many aspirants have the capacity to make it and rise above. Yet, despite these seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Victor Migalchan and Edward Cologna have managed to crack the code, and instead of keeping vital information to themselves, they opt to share it with the world in order to serve as people’s beacon of hope. For this reason, they breathed life into several masterclasses designed to carve success-enabling paths for those aiming to get ahead. When asked why they share this precious information, Victor Migalchan said: We look into the future and have a macro vision. Each actor or actress, when developing their personal brands – is a small business. Each team or a production company, when developing a project (a show or a film) is a small business. Small and medium businesses are the backbone of a healthy economy and democracy. That is why we connect, unite and help each other”. 

Currently, there are two masterclasses that the power duo is proud to share with go-getters around the world. The first one is called Masterclass on Film, TV, & Acting, where Victor Migalchan shares about the necessary preparations, as well as developments both in TV and film. The second masterclass is named Masterclass on the Business Show: How to Develop in the Entertainment Business, where he shares about building a business in the world of entertainment, whether it’s your personal brand, a team or a company. These masterclasses were born out of demand, based on the voluminous queries that Victor and Edward receive through emails and direct messages on social media.

“The decision to start organizing masterclasses came naturally,” shared Victor. Although it may seem that their masterclasses are few of the many courses available in the market, Victor and Edward offer way more than any run-of-the-mill course. As a matter of fact, their most significant point is the practicality of their masterclasses. Every time Victor conducts them, they make sure to bring fresh and insightful experience from the set, casting personnel, marketing, distribution and more. “The industry has changed, and not only because of the pandemic. We don’t waste time sharing old information ,” explained Victor. As a result of their unparalleled dedication, Victor and Edward have held masterclasses in several cities in the United States, such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Seattle.  We had a fantastic experience visiting Master Zhou and holding a seminar for his students at the Seattle Shaolin Kungfu Academy.

With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, Victor Migalchan and Edward Cologna are expanding their masterclasses globally. Just recently Victor Migalchan held a Masterclass for British Filmmakers, sponsored by Creative Industry Awards. “The UK has a very conservative industry, I’d say, and the quality demand is very high,” explained Victor. The next masterclasses are planned to be organized with filmmakers in Spain, Brazil, Argentina and China. We are also very excited to partner up with JMK/M3 Academy and run more seminars in both South and North California, Washington and Nevada. In the years to come, they plan to become a go-to resource for film and entertainment across the globe.


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