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West Memphis Recalls Allison Parker, A Nurse Who Died In The Memphis Shootings

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Allison Parker, a nurse at Methodist Hospital in Memphis, was shot and kill by Nathanial Herring on July 18th. Ms. Parker is thought to be the first victim of this series of shootings which took the lives of five people and injured six others.

The West Memphis City Council votes to rename a street after nurse Allison Parker, who was shot in the Memphis shootings.

Early Life Of Allison Parker

Allison was born on Oct. 4th, 1969, and grew up in Memphis. She was a 1987 graduate of Melrose High School and was a monitress at a local church in Memphis. Allison Parker graduate as class valedictorian from Christian Brothers University in 1991.

Parker attends the Baptist College of Nursing and graduated cum laude in 1997 with her doctorate in nursing. She worked as an emergency room nurse and was on staff at Methodist Hospital’s emergency room. Although, Allison was just 33 years old when she died on July 18th.

Career Of Allison Parker

“Allison was an exceptional person,” comments Methodist Hospital spokeswoman Liz Nelson. “She was a well-known and well-liked nurse. She is greatly miss by everyone at Methodist Hospital”, continues Nelson. West Memphis Mayor Joe Smith has proposed renaming Ferndale Ave as “Nurse Allison Parker Avenue.

“We could not let her death be in vain, ” stated the Mayor.”Her name is on Mount Calvary Cemetery and on the marker at the Masonic Home. Crescent Oaks is trying to get a marker for her at Park Hill. But we wanted to do something permanent.”The City Council is expect to vote on this measure on Monday, July 31st.

Her parents, Warren and Theresa Parker of Memphis have been very active in the nursing community and are members of the VNSG Advisory Board.

“Allison was an exceptional daughter,” commented Warren Parker, “I’m just so proud of my daughter,” he said through his tears. “She died doing what she loved most…taking care of other people. She was also a wonderful person who used her God-given gifts to help others. She was a Christian and a faithful servant of the Lord.”

Family And Marital Status Of Allison Parker

Theresa Parker echoed her husband’s comments. “Allison was a very special child,” she said, “she had such a gift to love people and do everything in her power to help them. That’s why she became a nurse, bless her heart.

3 people killed, 3 others injured after man goes on a shooting spree across Memphis

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) – Three people are dead, three others are injure and a woman is in critical condition after a man went on a shooting spree across Memphis on Monday.

Authorities have identified the shooter as Nathanial Herring. He was taken into custody Monday night at the intersection of Winchester and Third Avenue by two bystanders after his car was blocked by police vehicles responding to the scene of the last shooting.

Police have not release the identities of the victims who were shot. They said one of the victims was a woman and that she died from her injuries, but they did not release her relationship to Herring.

The rampage began shortly before 6:30 p.m. Monday. Authorities believe Herring committed all three crimes in his car and then drove from one to another across the city, shooting randomly into businesses, the homes and cars of residents, a car dealership, and other locations as he went.

Police spokeswoman Sgt. Patrice Barnes said each shooting was random, but it is not clear what motivated the shootings.

Incident Of Allison Parker’s Life

The incident began at Walgreens on Summer Avenue and ended at the intersection of Winchester and Third Avenue. The area that is at Third Avenue and Winchester was cordoned off by crime scene tape after Herring was apprehending.

According to police, at least three people were shot in the parking lot of Walgreens on Summer Avenue. Police said one person was shot in the head and one in the chest.

A woman who was in the store at the time of the shooting and her daughter ducked into a back room of the store. They stayed there for about an hour until police cleared them from inside, according to Barnes. The victims were taken to Baptist Hospital and Methodist Hospital. One died on their way to Baptist Hospital and another died on their way to Methodist Hospital, she said.

Two people were also shot at a home next door on Lily Avenue. Barnes said the victims were a father and son. She said the father was shot in the back of the head and never receive medical treatment. The son was shot in the back but he was able to walk inside and call for help, Barnes said.

A female victim

A female victim was also taken to Baptist Hospital after she was shot at a home on St. Paul Street, police said. Police found her next-door neighbor, Herring, dead from an apparent suicide after responding to a disturbance over there around 8:35 p.m., Barnes said.

At least two other shooting incidents were report in the area of Allard Avenue and Shelby Oaks after police said Herring shot a woman at a home there. Police said Herring then carjacked a woman at gunpoint before going to another home on Allard Avenue, where he shot another woman, Barnes said.

Police found Herring at the corner of Winchester and Third Ave., just three blocks from where he allegedly first shot someone. Barnes said Herring was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Police Investigation

Police recover two guns and a third was found in the car he was driving, Barnes said. Barnes said she doesn’t know if the random shootings are connect to meth use or if Herring has a mental illness. Memphis police spokesman Sgt. Vince Higgins said Herring has no criminal record, but he is believed to have been living on the streets and that authorities believe he may have been heavily involved in meth use.

The woman who was carjack told police that Herring had spoken with her about his mother dying recently and how he couldn’t get his car started, Barnes said. She said she believes he was trying to run the battery down.

According to police, the last victim is in critical condition at the Regional Medical Center. Barnes said the other victims have also been release from Baptist Hospital and Methodist Hospital in good condition.


-The Memphis Shooting Serial Killer is the same man that murder the Memphis Senior Citizens several years ago.It is very sad that so much violence continues to happen in Memphis and the surrounding areas. The man or men who are doing this are sick people. They have no conscience and seem to be insane and don’t care about anyone else but themselves or their wives as we have seen in most of these cases.

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