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Instagram’s Most Unused Feature And How Stooty Technologies Is Turning It Into Gold Mine

Instagram’s most forgotten feature, Instagram Guides, launched in 2020 and likely due to its lack of coverage – Maybe because of something like a global pandemic, not many people noticed, but this startup for creatives is using their platform to highlight creative resources in a cool new way!


Instagram Guides are like a miniature blog right on Instagram, and unlike any other Instagram feature, they allow users to scroll through a curated collection of feed posts, products, or locations from across Instagram, bringing it all together with your commentary as you would curate something like a Spotify playlist. 


@Wearestooty on Instagram is using this feature to highlight creatives from producers, engineers, and artists and even giving their platform to upcoming creatives with the skills but a small music production setup. 


Stooty Technologies partnered with V, a creative digital marketing agency founded by Influencer turned Digital Marketer & Data Scientist, Paris Jolly. 


“PLNTED Digital is an elite team of content creators with digital marketing skills that allowed us to see how social media features such as Instagram Guides could be used as a community-building tool,” says Dante Richardson, co-founder of Stooty Technologies. 


“We now have the ability to really help people find creative resources in a location of their choice using a platform they are familiar with. Creatives can now use Stooty IG to promote their services for free. We want to become the first place people look for creative resources.” 


All creatives have to do to be featured on Stooty’s Instagram Guide is to write Stooty a direct message on Instagram or any other social media platform Stooty has a profile. “It’s completely free, and the perks of being featured on the guide is that Stooty will be paying Instagram to advertise its IG page that includes free promotion for creatives in our guide,” says Dante Richardson. “You can beat that when you’re trying to get your creative business off the ground.”              


Stooty is looking forward to the launch of the Stooty platform, an app and services made with all creators in mind. Stooty has partnered with Launch NY, a venture development firm that helps technology scale their startups. Stooty’s mission is to create a destination for all creatives, influencers, studio operators & entrepreneurs to manage their businesses seamlessly, and produce any media-based content with ease.


So far Stooty has caught the attention of creatives worldwide and if you would like for your skill to be showcased on the Stooty platform sign up here.

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